Copyright 2010-2014, L-Tronics, Inc. 30 Clematis Avenue, Waltham, MA 02453, USA.  Design Engineering: An engineering staff experienced in original designs, product improvement design changes to obsolete part workarounds and creating custom test fixtures. Purchasing & Onsite Vendor Storage:  Storage: Worldwide part sourcing by experienced buying team; team leader has major-distributor buying experience. Circuit Board Assembly: L-Tronics is an IPC trained; state of the art assembles of SMT & Thru-hole components using RoHS as well as traditional processes from prototype to medium volume. Custom Wire and Harnesses:  A combined 200 years experience designing and building custom wire and harnesses to IPC-610 level 3. All assemblies are tested, many with custom test fixtures.                                                                                                        Design Engineering Circuit Board Assembly, SMT, Thru-hole Custom Wire, IPC-610 level 3 Original Equipment Manufacturing: L-Tronics features full or partial turn key assembly of products in our dedicated customer space. L-Tronics sources all components including sheet metal as well as molded plastic. All assemblies are tested with customer-specific testers. Test Department:  All products built by L-Tronics are tested before delivery using our customers’ test procedures and/or custom L-Tronics test devices. Kanban, JIT & Consignment Programs: L-Tronics provides these programs to our customers with repetitive build requirements. Products will be prebuilt and await a call, or be delivered per schedule. Invoices will be generated after delivery. OEM Test Devices Kanban Vendors: Arrow, Future, Heiland, Sager, Anixter,TTI, West Garde L-Tronics - PCB, cables, OEM, Kanban orders L-Tronics - PCB, cables, OEM, Kanban orders Distributors: Arrow, Future, Heiland, Sager, Anixter,TTI, West Garde
Vendor Stock Onsite Storage:  Major distributors stock our customers’ components at our site eliminating lead-times. The participating distributors include: Arrow, Future, Heilind, Sager, Anixter, TTI and Wes- Garde.
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